Who are you, my ideal client?

Like most others starting out in this business, I've been a general VA since 2014, that is, I had no real 'niche' or 'ideal client'. 

Client example: Online Pet Accessories Store, main duties:-

~ managing drop-ship accounts

~ website updates and maintenance

~ managing the e-commerce website

~ product/image uploads and manual stock checks

~ assisting with social media, newsletters and blogging.


I'm a huge animal lover so I really enjoy this, as it's a subject that's close to my heart.

I'm still working with this client today, providing website and e-commerce support, manual stock checks and reminders of everything she forgets!

This enables her to concentrate on her charity duties, as she is an ambassador for animal welfare and pet owner education.

Client example: national Risk Management Company, main duties:-
~ liaising with risk assessors
~ typing up fire risk assessment documents using industry templates
~ submitting these to the clients of my client
~ telemarketing 
~ social media


I've spent several years working within the fire & safety industry, in admin and telemarketing roles, and one of my other main clients has been someone I used to work with, who went on to set up their own business in the industry.  
I was able to provide remote support to this company, enabling them to concentrate on the practical side of their business, and grow. 


Client example: Author support:-
~ typing up manuscripts (hand-written) of two published authors into correct format
~ basic spelling and grammar checks
~ liaising with and submitting work to editors


One of my main hobbies is reading, I come from a family of readers. I really enjoyed being involved in the book publishing process.

More than anything, my ideal client is someone who will feel comfortable working with me, is understanding of my need for flexibility, and has a sense of humour!

Past and present clients, with kind permission:

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